Residential Lending

Residential Lending

Purchase Money

Buying a house is the biggest investment a family will make together.We can help you navigate through the complicated process of homebuying. Here are the steps involved:

Determine your purchasing power
Your loan officer can determine how much of a house you can purchase based upon your income.

Shop for the right mortgage program
There are numerous programs available including FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional. Let our loan officers help you determine which mortgage is the best for you and your family.

Shop for a home
Now that you know how much of a home you can buy, go look for it!

Make an offer
Write a contract with your real estate agent.

Get a home inspection
A home inspection will help you protect your investment.

Sign Papers
Sign your papers and get the keys!

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Federal Housing Administration Settlement Costs Booklet
Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Uniform Residential Loan Application


We can also help you with refinancing your property.  Do you want to make improvements to your house or take advantage of lower rates?  We can guide you into the right mortgage plan for your needs.

If you currently have a FHA or VA mortgage, you may qualify for a streamline refinance.  A streamline refinance allows you to have an easier process during the refinance

Rate and Term
A rate and term refinance is only intended to reduce your interest rate.  Your loan officer will compare your proposed payment compared with your current payment and closing costs to ensure there is a benefit to you.

Take equity out your property to make improvements or for unexpected expenses.  Click here to determine an automated value of your property.

Debt Consolidation
We can also take equity and consolidate your debt.  Contact one of our loan officers to determine if this would be a good strategy for you.

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